Following nature’s path


Play a part in the Circular Economy

BLUE4’s Molecular Recycling Technology FACTORS

· Different fractions of waste: Biomass, MSW, Agricultural, Livestock, Slaughter house, Industrial Waste etc.

· Continuous treatment of waste. No energy losses. Heat and water reuse.

· Separation, selection and Recovery of recyclable materials.

· Energy Recovery customized and independent by type of waste.

· Reduction of Landfill Waste by up to 92%

· Modular design.

· Retrieval of by-products with high added value.

· CIRCULAR ECONOMY: This is a Game Changing Solution for the Waste Sector to become part of the circular economy.

BLUE4’s Molecular Recycling Technology Advantages


We can adapt the technology to the type of waste and optimise the energy and materials Recovery to meet each customer’s needs.

Increase efficiency of existing facilities:

We can fit the technology into already existing (brownfield) waste management centres that are looking to optimise their processes and increase the volume of their recovered waste.

No more landfilling

We reduce MSW by up to 92%, multiplying the life of landfills. The technology can even be applied to landfill mining projects.

Materials Segregation

Selective collection policies are 100% respected, but the final design of the system does not make it essential. In remote municipalities, it would be a great saving in terms of waste collection and transport, and therefore lead to an overall decrease of environmental pollution.

Fast Recovery

From the initial reception of the waste, the overall process of energy and materials recovery is very fast. The Molecular Recycling process requires less than 1 hour.

Self Sufficiency

Minimization of the environmental impact of waste and Maximization of the financial return of the plants. Water & Energy Self Sufficient Plants.

Carbon Footprint

The equivalent CO2 emissions are minimized. Methane and other GHG are captured and reused. Less landfills equals less emissions into the atmosphere and no generation of leachates.

Clean facilities

No odours, no pathogens. Hygienic working environment.