Who we are

We love our planet

The original founders of Infinit Value Engineering have been providing engineering solutions for brands and international companies in different: industrial, residential, commercial, schools, sanitary, energy related installations, etc. since 1975. In the early 2000s, the company shifted towards the environmental vector of the projects and emphasized its efforts towards providing engineering solutions for environmental and waste treatment projects. This move allowed us to focus on customizing solutions for waste management companies and industries. Customer service and our drive to go beyond the limit, pushed our engineering team to develop our own proprietary solution dedicated to improving waste processing performances. Thus, participating in different European Environmental Programs with success, such as the Life UE Program: Life Revawaste and Life Leachless. Today, we have a team that combines the original engineering mindset with the new creativity trends. We are a CleanTech firm focused on providing the best waste management solution to each customer.

Our Mission

Our company’s mission is to provide highly useful and effective solutions in the specific field of waste, its treatment and its recovery in order to ultimately reduce the carbon footprint of humanity and ensure the sustainability of our planet

We transform waste to Second Generation Raw Material & Energy

Vision of our Company

To be a global player in materials recovery and connect with our clients through development of technology that solves their problems